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Shop Women-Owned!

Happy 2021! We hope you all have had a wonderful start to the New Year! For our first post of the year, we want to emphasize our values going into 2021 and highlight some women-owned companies in the ice cream space that we admire.

The Food Shop was built upon the values of women’s empowerment, innovation, and sustainability. Gallivant embodies these values; founded by Snehee Chaplot, Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams are made with clean, authentic ingredients, and the brand is always seeking out new ways to support women and to protect the environment. We are so grateful for your support for our company and our values.

In 2021, we encourage you to extend support to other women-owned ice cream and dessert companies who we admire. There are nine specific companies we want to highlight, all of which demonstrate the success of their female founders.

First, Smitten Ice Cream was founded by inventor Robyn Fisher and is also led by culinary director Brooke Mosley. We look up to these incredible women and their brand of delicious ice cream, and we admire how they focus on using fresh and local ingredients, as well as their own machine to produce ice creams.

Next, we want to highlight Peekaboo Ice Cream + Hidden Veggies, an ice cream brand that incorporates vegetables for enhanced nutrition, which was founded by Jessica who is a mother of three. We share in their support for women in the workplace, and we look up to their brand’s creativity and focus on healthy ingredients.

Amy’s Ice Creams is another Texas-based ice cream brand founded by Amy Simmons in 1984. The chain of Amy’s Ice Creams now has hundreds of unique flavors and several locations across the state, and we admire how the brand has grown and expanded.

Tipsy Scoop, another women-owned company, makes liquor infused ice cream based in New York. We are inspired by this brand’s innovation combining alcohol with ice cream for a fun and delicious treat for adults.

We also want to highlight Coolhaus Ice Creams, a women-owned ice cream brand we look up to. We are inspired by all they have done to support women and how successful their brand has become.

The last ice cream company we want to highlight is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, founded by Jeni Britton Bauer, a female entrepreneur who admire for her creativity and leadership. Her artisan ice creams include high quality ingredients and come in a variety of unique flavors.

In addition to female owned ice cream companies, we also want to highlight other female owned dessert and ice cream topping companies.

The Konery is a women-founded company that creates specialty ice cream cones in a variety of flavors and colors. We are inspired by their creativity and high-quality products that make the perfect addition to any ice cream.

We also admire Do, a brand of edible cookie doughs, founded by Kristen Tomlan. We are so impressed by this brand’s innovation and drive to create the best safe-to-eat cookie dough and cookies.

Finally, we are highlighting chocolate brand Wild Ophelia, created by chocolatier and founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat Katrina Markoff. She has created a line of delicious chocolate bars, chocolate coffee bites, and peanut butter cups, and the brand’s mission focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs.

These are only a handful of the many incredible women-owned dessert companies we admire, but we are so excited to share our support for other women-run businesses and hope you continue to support them as well this year. We are lucky to be in the dessert space with such incredible companies and women, and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!


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