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Celebrate the Holidays with Gallivant!

Holiday season this year may look a bit different, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find new ways to celebrate with your loved ones. Whether it’s for your at home celebration or to send to a loved one far away, buying a gift from a small business is an amazing way to make your celebration special or show someone you care about them.

Many small businesses have been coming up with new and creative gifts for the holidays this year. Staying afloat during a time of such uncertainty in the world can be difficult for any kind of business, and small businesses are no exception, but we are each working to come up with ways to make this holiday season as special as we can despite the circumstances.

Gallivant Mawa Ice Creams has launched two new holiday flavors: American Red Velvet Cake and Spanish Saffron, inspired by flavors from America and flavors from Spain. These flavors are authentic, delicious, and make the perfect holiday treat.

Gallivant is also now selling unique gift baskets and ice cream bundles this holiday season. The Cardamom Jalebi Crisp kit comes with 2 pints of Gallivant Cardamom Mawa Ice Creams, 5 Jalebi Crisps, Saffron Sugar Syrup Sliced Almonds, Pistachios, Rose petals, two pairs of Coconut bowls and spoons, a scoop, recipe card, and some treats for kids. This basket is inspired by Jalebi, a South Asian sweet snack with Persian roots that was traditionally given to the poor during Ramadan. This dessert is the perfect gift in the spirit of the holiday season.

Gallivant’s second gift basket is Mango Faluda, which comes with 2 pints of Gallivant Mango Mawa Ice Creams, Basil seeds, Faluda noodles, and Mango puree, as well as sliced Almonds, pistachios, Rose petals, two pairs of Coconut bowls and spoons, a scoop, recipe card, and some treats for kids too. Faluda is another traditional South Asian dessert with Persian origins. It is a layered dessert developed in the 16th century for Mughal royals and remains an integral dessert in the region. It is also great option for this holiday season.

In addition to these gift baskets, Gallivant is also selling ice cream bundles that ship free nationwide. Each bundle includes 6 pints of Gallivant Ice Creams, and one bundle even allows you the option to create a bundle with flavors of your choosing. That way, you can be sure each member of the family can get their favorite flavor.

We are so grateful for our #gallifans and supporters all year, but we are especially thankful for your continued support throughout this time. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and we hope we can make it a little sweeter. Check out our new flavors, baskets, and bundles at, and tag us on Instagram with your treats.


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