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Black Lives Matter.

There is absolutely no place for racism or hate at The Food Shop. We are infuriated and

saddened by the systemic racism that has plagued our country for centuries, and we stand in

solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We cannot stay silent in a time like this, and

we are committed to using our platform to advocate for racial justice that is long overdue. It is all of our responsibility to be the best allies we can possibly be, and we want to do everything we can to demonstrate our support at this time.

At The Food Shop, we pride ourselves on our values of equality and diversity, but we recognise and embrace that we can always do more to fight injustice. We, as non-black people especially, are in a position where we do not know enough and have not done enough, and that is something we must be honest with ourselves about; we must put forward our best foot to aid the movement. We have championed women’s empowerment and environmentalism as a company, and now we must do the same on the issue of racism. We are committed to doing better, and we are using this time to learn more about the BLACK community – their history, culture, music, food, thoughts and experiences and we offer our unwavering support to them now and always. We will highlight different aspects of the movement in our upcoming blog posts, and we are excited to share our learnings.


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