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Thank You for Learning with Us

Our past several blog posts have focused on the Black Lives Matter movement, and we have discussed the topic of racism, we have shared resources to learn more, and we have spent a week highlighting black women who we look up to. Our team has learned so much the past couple months behind the scenes and through our posts, and we have grown so much as we have become more educated and had admittedly difficult conversations. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share some of our learnings with you and to use our platform for good.

While we are proud of our blog content, we know that this is not enough and that we cannot stop here. As a business and as people, we are committed to keep learning and keep fighting racial injustice in every way that we can. We will keep listening, we will keep reading, we will keep watching, we will keep sharing, and we will keep donating. We will do our best to be the best allies that we can. We will always stand with the black community and against injustice of all forms. Though our upcoming content may no longer spotlight Black Lives Matter as consistently, our support is unwavering.

We hope that you have learned from and enjoyed our content, and we encourage you to continue learning too. Next, we will be talking more about a topic that is very near and dear to our heart at The Food Shop: Women’s Empowerment. We can’t wait to dive in.


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